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huisdesign ltd was founded by Antony Swann in 2016.  Antony has 20 years of architectural experience working in commercial practice in the residential, commercial, healthcare, education and leisure sectors.

Antony combines a wealth of knowledge and experience with creative flair, efficiency and excellent communication skills to provide a high-quality, affordable service. Design is his passion; he's worked on a range of projects from multi-million pound healthcare facilities to residential loft extensions and he believes no two projects are the same. His first priority is to gauge your wants and needs to provide a high-quality, professional architectural design service that is personal to each and every client. 


huisdesign ltd specialises in small to medium size residential projects, including new builds, loft conversions and side and rear house extensions. 


Starting a construction project can be a daunting process, but huisdesign ltd is with you at every stage of the design and planning process. Based on the RIBA work stages, our clear 4-step process will take you right up to construction, and as part of any quote you will receive a summary of this process as it applies to your project.

Step one - Client Brief & Survey


huisdesign ltd offer a free initial consultation to discuss the project with the client. This can take place at our offices in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle, or at your home or business.

Provided there are no existing drawings available, huisdesign ltd will undertake a survey to see what is possible on your site and understand the current site layout. This can take place directly following the client brief meeting if the client wishes. Depending on the size of the project, sometimes an external survey company may be required. huisdesign ltd will advise you if this is the case and can arrange this for you.


Step two - Feasibility

At this stage, the design process will begin. Following the client brief and survey, huisdesign ltd will design one or several options incorporating the client's wishes and needs, depending on what was discussed during the client brief. Some simple 2D plans and 3D rendered images will normally be produced at this stage to show you what the proposals would look like. This stage continues until the customer is happy with their final design.

Step three - Planning

In order for construction to begin, you will need to obtain planning permission from your local planning authority. huisdesign ltd will compile a set of planning drawings and issue them directly to the local planning authority on the clients behalf. We will also handle all planning correspondence and issues which may arise on your behalf in order to achieve planning permission. 

Step four - Building Regulations

Following planning approval, huisdesign ltd will then produce a set of Building Regulations drawings, whose purpose is to illustrate that the building meets current UK building standards. huisdesign ltd will issue these drawings to Building Control on the clients behalf and handle any queries or issues that arise. Please note that at this point a structural engineer may also be required to help achieve building control approval. huisdesign ltd can assist with appointing a Structural Engineer.

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